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Seminar by Nelson Dusetti invited by Majid Khatib

19 March à 14h00 - 15h00

Nelson Dusetti : “Developing Transcriptomic Signatures through Preclinical Models for Personalized Pancreatic Cancer Treatment”

Nelson Dusetti, Cancer Research Center of Marseille (CRCM) is invited by Majid Khatib (BRIC) for a seminar on March 19 in the IBGC conference room.

Pancreatic cancer remains one of the most aggressive and lethal malignancies, necessitating the exploration of personalized treatment strategies. Transcriptomic analysis has emerged as a powerful tool for understanding the molecular intricacies of pancreatic cancer and tailoring therapeutic interventions. In this study, we employed preclinical models to elucidate transcriptomic signatures associated with pancreatic cancer progression and treatment response. Through integrative analysis of gene expression profiles, we identified key molecular pathways and biomarkers implicated in disease pathogenesis and therapeutic resistance. Furthermore, utilizing patient-derived xenografts and organoid cultures, we validated the clinical relevance of our findings and assessed the efficacy of targeted therapies in a personalized manner. Our results underscore the potential of transcriptomic signatures derived from preclinical models to guide the development of personalized treatment strategies for pancreatic cancer patients, ultimately improving clinical outcomes and advancing precision oncology.


Nelson Dusetti is an oncology researcher dedicated to advancing personalized treatments for pancreatic cancer. As Co-Lead of the Department and Team Lead for Translational and Therapeutic Targets Research in Pancreatic Cancer, his work is focused on developing innovative approaches to address the challenges of individualized chemotherapy regimens. His research emphasizes the importance of predictive biomarkers in guiding treatment decisions, particularly in the context of limited druggable targets in advanced pancreatic cancer tumors. Dusetti’s recent study highlights the potential of comprehensive transcriptomic analysis to predict chemotherapy responses, providing valuable insights into treatment outcomes. By integrating microenvironmental factors and employing AI-based predictive tools Dusetti and his team have made significant strides in optimizing treatment selection and improving patient outcomes. His ongoing efforts are now directed towards refining these approaches for seamless integration into routine clinical practice, ultimately ensuring the effective transfer of their studies to the everyday care of pancreatic cancer patients. Additionally, Dusetti is a Co-Founder and CSO of Predicting Med, a pioneering startup dedicated to commercializing molecular tests for chemotherapy in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.


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