BRIC’s internal imaging platform: iBRIC

  • The iBRIC (imaging @ BRIC) platform brings together our research unit’s shared photonic imaging equipment (brightfield, epifluorescence and confocal). The platform’s scientific manager isThomas Mathivet.

BRIC-related cores facility

Our research unit is closely linked to several cores facility that have been created by different members of our unit Most of the scientific and technical leaders of these platforms are BRIC members. The CellOxia, CRISP edit, Histopathology, OncoProt, Vivoptic, and Vect’UB platforms are affiliated with the UAR TBMCore. (Inserm US 05, CNRS UAR 3427, Université de Bordeaux).

  • The POETIC platform, created by the ARTiSt group (co-directed by Delphine Fessart and Frederic Delom) in 2019 and attached to U1312 BRIC, is a miniaturized high-throughput screening platform. This platform performs large-scale drug tests and studies the impact of protein depletion and/or overexpression. It can be used to follow cell growth, cell death, cell proliferation, toxicity tests, senescence tests, etc.
    The Scientific Director of the platform is Delphine Fessart and the Financial Director is Frederic Delom.

Spin off

Supported by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, the “technology transfer unit” scheme of Adera (Association for the Development of Teaching and Research at Universities, Research Centres, and Companies in Aquitaine) consists of creating Adera departments attached to public laboratories.
Objective: to meet the technological needs of companies by developing the know-how and equipment of laboratories in the form of services: audits, studies, analyses, training, implementation of innovation projects, etc.