Financing of the LILOK project

Allocation of a €500,000 grant from the New Aquitaine Region to the Lilok project.


TheTeam 06 – MIRCADE, Methods and Innovations for the Research in Pediatric Cancers. has been involved in the LILOK (Living Lab For Kids) project since its inception and is a participant in this 5-year regionally funded project. The team is involved in the “Care and therapies” axis on the theme of “Medical Research” and “Therapies against childhood cancers”.


LILOK’s objective:

Preserve and promote the health of children, adolescents and youth.

Summary of the LILOK project:

The first pediatric innovation laboratory in France, LILOK (Living Lab for Kids) aims to accelerate the design and distribution of services and products dedicated to the health of children, adolescents and young people.
LILOK brings together players in the field of prevention, care paths that promote well-being, excellence in care, scientific research, and mental health, while promoting a healthy and eco-responsible environment.
LILOK intervenes from the emergence of the need to the industrialization of offers, contributes to scientific expertise and therapeutic innovation, transmits a culture of care, and offers training for health professionals and families.
In partnership with local, academic, public and private institutional players, LILOK’s ambition is to be a reference in innovation for children’s health.

The MIRCADE team has been part of the LILOK program from the very first day of its creation with the desire to promote and participate in interactions between economic, academic and associative actors around the issue of childhood diseases, and particularly pediatric cancers.


Link to the press article Sud-Ouest – 09/11

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