Véronique Vendrely, President of the “Société Savante Française de Radiothérapie Oncologique”

Press release from theSociété Savante Française de Radiothérapie Oncologique (SFRO)

Following the vote of the national elective board, Pr Véronique Vendrely, [team 8 BIOGO of our unit] has been elected President of SFRO, for a two-year term, starting January 17, 2024.

SFRO, founded in 1990, issues recommendations on professional practice and provides ongoing support for the practice of radiation oncology in France. Other major themes include treatment quality and control, ethics in radiotherapy and clinical research. SFRO is committed to innovation, and is today the preferred partner of administrative institutions (ministries, ASN, HAS, INCa, ARS, etc.) and other partner medical associations.

Radiotherapy plays an essential role in the treatment of more than half of all cancer patients. It’s a complex discipline, with its own special knowledge, demanding and still poorly disseminated, in constant evolution. This new strategic impetus is designed to meet the growing challenges of cancer treatment, from the training of its healthcare professionals to their need to receive information that is relevant and specific to their interests and conditions of practice, which are very different from those of their medical oncologist, surgical oncologist, radiologist and nuclear medicine colleagues.