France 2030 funding: RHU SPRINT – TRIO2 team

Team 5 of our TRIO2 unit (Translational Research on Oncodermatology and Rare skin diseases) is heavily involved in the new RHU SPRINT project (Synergie Pour Accélérer l’Innovation Thérapeutique dans les lymphomes T cutanés), coordinated by Pr Adèle de Masson of the Université Paris Cité. RHU projects are funded by France 2030, coordinated by the ANR – Agence Nationale de la Recherche.

Pr Anne Pham Ledard is the scientific manager in charge of the project for our team. The budget allocated to the team is : 775,008 euros out of a total RHU budget of over 9 million euros. It involves Dr Sandrine Poglio and Pr Jean-Philippe Merlio

Research on our TRIO2 team:
– Participation in the preclinical development of two innovative drugs for the treatment of cutaneous T lymphomas, using biological models of cell lines developed from patient cells.
– Understanding the biological mechanisms involved in response to treatment, through analysis of the tumor immune microenvironment using multiplexing techniques on skin biopsies from patients taking part in the Phase 1 clinical trial.

The RHU SPRINT project also involves the oncology dermatology unit of the Dermatology Department of Bordeaux University Hospital, whose members are Pr. Marie Beylot-Barry (co-leader of our TRIO2 team) is in charge. Other TRIO2 team members are also involved in the project at CHU level : Dr Fanny Beltzung and Pr Béatrice Vergier.

Projects developed by the CHU part (Budget allocated to Bordeaux CHU: €279,730):

– Creation of a database specific to the SPRINT project (WP1): clinical data, biological samples, histopathological and immunohistochemical images, treatments, results.
– The development of AI software for modeling the progression of cutaneous T lymphomas.
– Development of a drug for relapsed or refractory cutaneous T lymphomas (Co-leader for WP6 and investigating center for the Phase 1 trial, sponsor = APHP).