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Pancreatic Cancer Symposium

16 octobre 2023 - 18 octobre 2023

Ce symposium sur les cancers pancréatiques est organisé par des scientifiques l’équipe 2 et de l’équipe 8 (Samuel Amintas, Sandrine Dabernat, Serge Evrard, Majid Khatib, Christophe Laurent, Véronique Vendrely, Simon Pernot).

Il aura lieu du 16 au 18 octobre 2023 au Domaine du Haut Carré à Talence.

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Date limite de soumission des résumés et tarifs préférentiels d’inscription : 06-09-2023


Although pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) represents less than 2% of new cancers, it is constantly increasing (14,000 new cases/year) and is one of the main causes of cancer-related mortality. Indeed, the vast majority of patients present at diagnosis with locally advanced or metastatic disease. Its incidence nearly equaling its mortality rate underscores the incurable nature of this cancer. Despite the progress made in understanding the pathogenesis of PDAC, and the improvement of treatment regimens, the survival rate after treatment remains poor. Thus, basic and clinical research remain the best allies of patients and medical teams to make significant breakthroughs and improve the prognosis of this dreaded disease.

The ‘Pancreatic Cancer symposium 2023’ will be the third edition of an international meeting that brings together researchers and clinician-scientists at the forefront of knowledge of pancreatic cancer. It is organized by a voluntary group of French researchers (AFRCP). Considering recent progress, this event will focus on current and future themes in the field. In particular, the themes of the following sessions, including interdisciplinarity potentially leading to new advances, will be proposed to the international research community: identification and targeting of new tumor vulnerabilities, exploration of the desmoplastic reaction and the tumor microenvironment, new modalities and technologies for pancreatic cancer research, knowledge and understanding of early and metastatic disease.

Given the international nature of the congress, we wish to interact with the European association DICE, , in a final session to make a European inventory of patient involvement in the construction of research.




Début :
16 octobre 2023
Fin :
18 octobre 2023
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Agora du Haut Carré – Université de Bordeaux
43 rue Pierre Noailles
Talence, France
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