My lab in 180 seconds

The first action of the Patient/Research Interaction group took place on July 12, 2023 at BRIC.

My lab in 180 seconds, or how to present your team’s work in a way that the general public can understand. The work was orchestrated by a Master’s student, carried out by young researchers from 5 teams and presented to a panel of 5 patient trainers. The mission of researchers: to make themselves understood. The patients’ mission: to check that the presentations were clear enough to be understood by a lay audience. Des présentations originales, créatives et très claires, suivies d’échanges riches et constructifs entre patients et jeunes chercheurs. Une belle école de médiation scientifique.

With the participation of :

Team 01 – Tumor and vascular biology laboratory., Team 03 – Liver Cancers and Tumor Invasion, Team 04 – Helicobacter-associated digestive cancers, cancer stem cells and therapeutic strategies, Team 06 – MIRCADE, Methods and Innovations for the Research in Pediatric Cancers., Team 11 – Modeling transformation and resistance in leukemia. Cathy, Christine, Claudie, Cyrille et Valérie : patients/ Clélie Henno : Master’s student in Scientific Communication and Mediation/Patient/Research Interactions working group